Google Is Becoming More Aggressive With YouTube Search Result Ads

Are you tired of the YouTube ads and finding small hacks to get rid of them? Then there is another surprise coming your way, which might also make things a bit difficult for you, as YouTube has recently become more aggressive with advertisements by making them appear more in search results and video recommendations as well.

With effect from the past two weeks, our team kept a keen eye on how YouTube has started to fill up search results with ads (for some particular terms) rather than showing up anything organic or meaningful.

In an experiment, we tried to find results for “solar electricity for home” both on mobile and desktop devices and just as expected, the Google-owned video hosting platform focused on showing a number of businesses that were offering the product/services rather than putting up more meaningful videos from consumers and creators related to the term.

Another instance of YouTube ads bomb can be observed in keywords related to online courses.

According to reports emerging from eMarketer, Google is about to face a decline in its ad revenue for the first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, this move seems pretty obvious as with YouTube, the company now wants to give more leverage and space to advertisers so that they can compete on the largest video sharing platform with ease.

Nevertheless, while businesses may love this new step being taken by YouTube, but we are sure viewers are definitely going to get more disturbed.

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