Twitter Shares An Insight On How Watch Party Trend Rose To New Heights During The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 made consumers and tech companies around the world seek for new ways of entertainment and one such feature that has helped people in staying connected together is Twitter’s Watch Party which has experienced an immense collaborative engagement rate in the recent past.

Twitter released the stats about the growth in viewing parties last week - and while some of you might argue that this stands true for the Canadian user habits only, that isn’t entirely true because if you analyze the numbers in-depth you will come to the realization that the data is also indicating towards the global usage trends throughout the pandemic.

Twitter began sharing the insights by telling how the digital device usage has seen a drastic incline this year whether it came to the matter of creating videos, listening to podcasts or even streaming movies.

As opportunities rose with the new engagement trends, the major production houses saw how people are liking the idea of Watch Parties more than ever and then tried to take advantage of it. Some companies who caught the idea first include Netflix that immediately came out with Michael Jordan Documentary 'The Last Dance' and then Disney+ also couldn’t help releasing ‘Hamilton’.

Twitter has always been considered as a home for most of the active live discussions on TV shows mostly because sometimes stars of such programs also participate in the conversations. And as the whole scenario of fans interacting with stars started to happen more often during the lockdown, companies saw it as an opportunity to go for dedicated promotions in order to make announcements or offerings as well.

The company also presented the example of the digital release of ‘Scoob’ as stars and fans interaction on the platform gave a massive boost to the discussion in trends and how the trick eventually helped in the film in reaching out to more people worldwide.

The key element of this discussion was always to make the users enjoy something outside Twitter as well once the chat disappears from trends and that is where Watch Parties have won.

If you want to run your own watch party, Twitter offers the following tips on that. However, the engagement factor will always remain to be an important part.

Twitter is working on more interesting trends and that means you can soon expect live-streaming of product launches on a widespread level or industry interviews more often than ever now too.

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Featured photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images
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