Facebook provides an overview of some latest improvements in the accessibility features, keyboard shortcuts and rendering text font

Facebook recently had to bring some back-end structural changes and now, it has come up with a refreshed desktop platform. As a result, Facebook is announcing some new improved accessibility features and some other interesting and long overdue changes.

The site has made advancements with the React feature, and now they have worked on new accessibility tools, techniques on the basis of advanced technology. These features are specially designed for people with multiple reading disabilities and visual impairments, and who use screen readers. So, the newly crafted site structure is far more inclusive and user-friendly than before. There are more than 4.4 million people in the US alone who need screen readers to navigate through their web pages, and there are many more people out there who can use the newer techniques for improved and increased legibility, Accessible Rich Internet Applications markup, and keyboard navigation tools.

Previously, the font sizing was quite unstable and inconsistent, owing to the differences in the presentation panels on the site. However, Facebook as now improved its text rendering and has made sure that the font sizes are consistent and stable this time. This is especially good to facilitate different user preferences across the platform.

Not only the fonts, but Facebook has also remodeled its heading structure since headings are one of the most crucial things that help the people using screen readers to navigate a page easily. When Facebook adds new features or has an update, the site’s layout changes and with such frequent discrepancies, the heading levels cannot be maintained in proper, logical order for the help of people.

But now, Facebook claims to have overcome the issue and the new system will make the heading more consistent.

There are new developer requirements around text labels for buttons, some improved visual layouts for different features, and an updated and improved keyboard shortcut listing on the screen. All these added details are there to assist people through keyboard commands, and to make navigation easy for everyone with different usage requirements.

These are some great improvements and they are inclusive, helpful, and pretty straight-forward user-friendly for everyone. There is always room for more improvement though. Maybe Facebook can think about including alt-text to the posts? Or have more consideration about some other factors that will bring significant help to the people who use screen readers.

It will be nice to see Facebook considering everything from all angles that will probably help people with different reading or visual impairments.

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