Twitter is extending its hate control policy towards linked tweets now

Twitter has always been quick to take action against hate speech, bigotry, violence, and even racism. While its policies are already quite strict concerning all these issues, however, recently, Twitter has announced that it is updating its policies and extending them to linked content too.

Previously, Twitter’s policies mostly encompassed the content in the written tweets and did not have any control over the linked content. This was a loophole that paved the way for the people who love to spread hate and violence over the platform. All they had to do was to link some hate speech or violence instigating content to their original tweet, and it would go without being noticed by Twitter.

But it looks like Twitter was not so blind towards this linked-content issue, and now, with this new update, the micro-blogging platform has announced that they are revising their link policy, and their goal is to block the links that contain content which is against the platform’s already established rules. The links that violate those rules will be blocked right away, and the accounts that will continue to spread hateful content will get suspended too.

This new policy will come in effect from 20th July 2020. Twitter may also block some specific URLs from getting shared across the platform too, aside from blocking the harmful accounts.

This is actually quite great news for peace-loving people who join social media platforms for information and entertainment. People love to interact with other people across the world, and when platforms have lax content policies, or they turn a blind eye towards hate spreading people, that is when the rest of the people get affected. Even if they do not indulge in hate spreading or word wars with others, still their peace of mind gets affected and the environment on the platform becomes toxic.

Several months ago, Twitter tried to control people from spreading venom on the platform by announcing that whenever a person starts typing a tweet that will contain hate content or harmful speech, Twitter will immediately send a message for that person to pause and review what they have written, before posting.

This was an excellent way to make people realize that while in the heat of the moment, they might get carried away and end up using foul language or harmful speech, but if they just pause, take a deep breath and read their content again before tweeting it away, they may find their mistake and change their words.

Just like before, Twitter is again coming up with a new updated policy for the linked content. This shows how serious the forum is to curb all the hate, negativity, and harmful content, and that is commendable.

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