TikTok Users Can Now Add Text on the Cover of Their Videos

The TikTok application has been repeatedly making headlines since several governments across the globe consider taking action against the short-video sharing platform. India has already banned the TikTok app, and the US President Donald Trump issued executive orders on August 6 that would ban the TikTok app if it was not acquired by a US company by September 15 of this year. So, it may not be the best time to provide updates on potential tools that advertisers can use to maximize their presence of TikTok’s platform.

However, the fact remains that the TikTok app is still a hugely influential social media platform, and several brands are looking at how they can use the platform within their advertising strategies. If the United States operations of TikTok are eventually acquired by a US company, TikTok will likely remain an important consideration. This is the reason why, despite the ongoing negotiations, the recent update to the TikTok app is of relevance.

This week, the company rolled out a new feature that allows users to include text headings on the cover of their TikTok videos. TikTok users can now insert text onto video thumbnails to give followers a preview of what their clip is about. The new option is available on the cover editing page. Now, when users will tap on the ‘Select Cover’ option while uploading a TikTok video, they will also be able to insert custom text in different styles, particularly for their cover photo.

The new feature can be another way to draw viewers to your TikTok videos since video thumbnails play an important role in attracting viewers. The Google-owned video platform, YouTube, explains that thumbnails as well as titles of videos act like billboards to help people decide to watch videos. The company states that well-designed thumbnails and titles can help you to attract more fans to your YouTube channel and encourage people to watch through your clips as viewers know what to expect. Well-designed thumbnails can help you to make your videos appealing for a broad range of marketers.

This also important on TikTok’s platform as the company notes that a strong indicator of interest like whether a person completes watching a clip from beginning to end would receive higher weight as compared to a weak indicator, like whether the viewer of a video and creator of that video are both in the same region. Providing more insight into what people can expect from your videos could see more viewers watching those videos through to completion which ultimately enhances content reach.

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