Apple Is Expected To Introduce Subscription Bundles Along With The New iPhones This October

This October with the new line of iPhones coming out, Apple has another surprise for its fans as the company reportedly is planning to launch a range of subscription bundles of its services. The best part is that the bundles are also being referred to as “Apple One” - however, it is not necessary that Apple launches them with the same title.

According to insider resources, the basic combo will be comprised of Apple Music and Apple TV+, whereas the more expensive bundles will include Apple Arcade, Apple News+, and extra iCloud storage as well. In fact, one can also expect the high tier bundles to add an unseen fitness subscription service as well which will be based on virtual classes and workouts, all accessible via an iOS app or Apple TV (pretty much similar to what Nike and Peloton is doing).

Furthermore, as Bloomberg has stated, these bundles will be marketed as a feature especially made for families, and therefore it is expected that they will work with Apple’s Family Sharing system as well. So, as a result, every service can be accessed by up to six people and buying the bundle would comparatively offer more value for money rather than going for individual services (at least $2 to $5 a month for buying the similar services one-by-one).

Along with these bundles, Apple is also working on offering software and hardware combinations which means that one can also expect to receive a free year of Apple Arcade by purchasing the Apple TV Streaming box.

Unfortunately, Apple won’t include the monthly payments for iPhones and Macs with the same bundles right away. But there can be a possibility of that as well in the near future.

The reports regarding subscription bundles have been there since 2018. Last month, there was also a code found in iOS 13.5.5 which gave hints of both “bundle offer” and “bundle subscription”. Apple also went one step ahead by combining Apple Music and Apple TV+ in a bundle exclusive for students.

As now, the company is eying to increase its revenue from the service business - just like Amazon does - the bundles would definitely benefit Apple.

There hasn’t been any official confirmation on the pricing and configuration of the bundles yet.

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