Report: Sponsored travel content from influencers has gradually started to resurface after it went down at the beginning of the pandemic

When the coronavirus pandemic hit the entire world at the beginning of 2020, it brought the global economy to a pause. All major industries shut down and almost every vertical faced a major financial blow. Travelling and Tourism industry especially suffered a lot because of the bans on traveling for many initial months.

Initially, when the ban was imposed on worldwide traveling, many influencers who work for sponsored traveling related content also went down. These travel-focused influencers had to face major turn downs when their tours, sponsorships, and brand deals either got canceled or postponed for an indefinite period. These changes started emerging after April 2020.

However, Izea, which is an influencer-marketing technical company has recently reported that with limited and highly restricted traveling opening again, most of the travel-focused influencers have started getting back their work too.

According to Izea’s report, the amount of travel and tourism-related sponsored content had gone down by 66% from March 2020, but it has increased again by 34% in July. This report is based on a study conducted on more than 520 million social content pieces and from more than 4.5 million influencers during eleven months, from August 2019 till July 2020.

Some travel-influencers like Christina Vidal had to turn towards content that was focused on activities that could be done from home amidst the pandemic and global lockdowns. These influencers reportedly turned towards at-home content categories like fitness, cooking, and lifestyle.

But now, the travel ban has been lifted in many countries. The US State Department also lifted off this ban on 6th August 2020. Traveling has resumed but it is still less than its rate in the pre-pandemic era. So, now that the world is trying to get back on its feet and attain some normalcy, travel and tourism-related brands have started looking for influencers who can bring back the customers through social media marketing. These influencers are supposed to ease the customers back into traveling with restrictions, which is the ‘new normal’ now. For this reason, there has been an influx of travel-related sponsored content too.

Tourism brings a lot of business for hotels too, and Izea has reported that there has been an increase in sponsored content related to the hotel industry also now.

Airlines on the other hand are receiving a lot of criticism, maybe because of the spiked airfares or for one reason or the other.

On the other hand, some influencers who started traveling and continuing with their jobs of marketing the sponsored content are also receiving a lot of criticism. Many people who follow them are getting angry about the attitude of these influencers who have resumed traveling without taking care of the social distancing measures and behaving as if the pandemic is over and the world is COVID- free now!

Sarah Dandashy, a famous travel influencer said that despite the negative comments, many people out there are also looking at these influencers to see how traveling is going on for these individuals and what new things are there to consider before making a traveling plan.

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