To Help Students Learn At Home, Google Introduces New Tools Including 3D Molecules in Search and an Education Mode in Google Lens

The school year is growing closer to the beginning while many students are still stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. To help students learn at home, Google is introducing new tools such as a new Education mode in Google Lens. Furthermore, the company is adding various new 3D models in Google Search to help people learn chemistry. The new 3D objects added in Google Search display how molecules are formed.

The company states that when students encounter a difficult math equation, they can use Google Lens by capturing an image of the equation. Google’s Socratic will provide helpful results for students. In some cases, Google Lens and Google-owned service Socratic will show a step-by-step guide on how to solve the equation. Detailed explainers will also be displayed to students to help them better understand key concepts. Back in May of this year, XDA Developers spotted that a new Education mode is coming to Google Lens for solving math equations and Google Lens was also testing a new Places mode which helps people recognize famous landmarks.

Recently, the Places mode also started rolling out to users that allows them to scan pictures and detect famous buildings. The Places and Education modes are being rolled to users through a server-side update, and you need to download the latest version of the Google App to get access to these modes.

Similarly, Google Search has introduced an ability last year to view 3D models including animals and insects as well as the ability to use AR to display those models in the room with you. You may also note that viewing these 3D models using augmented reality is limited to supported smartphones. These 3D models have become a source of entertainment for many users, and the company has been trying to put more of an educational spin back into these 3D models during the past few months.

This week, the company added a collection of 3D models related to chemistry including molecules and subjects such as the quantum mechanical model of an atom. Moreover, the company has also added some biology-related 3D models that display the various components in biological structures, like the design of a monocot plant. Google has also added a lone physics model that displays the design of a solenoid. It appears that these new 3D models come for a variety of partners such as Signal Garden, Kompanions, and Labster.

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