Google Search Tested Bold Header Photos Based On Search Queries

It seems that Google is changing the background heading picture for Search results on mobile-based in the query of users. This week, Search Engine Roundtable reported that Google Search has started experimenting with customized header photos on search results based on users’ queries revolving around ‘ideas.’ For instance, if you search for terms such as ideas for Christmas, flower ideas, creative ideas, and even ice sculpture ideas, the browser will swap out the white background with a picture.

In addition to these picture backgrounds, the top portion of Search is significantly taller to completely display the background image. The top portion of Google Search includes the profile picture of the user, the company logo, and filter tabs. The new change emphasizes what a user is searching for on Google Search. It is important to note that the company told SERoundtable that they do license these pictures from providers.

Yvo Schaap first spotted the new redesigned search results and SERoundtable was able to successfully replicate the new change. With the new change, the search engine selects a picture for each query that serves as a background for the area between the top of the search results page and the start of actual search results. Some other users were also able to replicate these search results on the mobile web in Google Chrome. However, the change cannot be seen on Google application for iOS or Android.

In a statement, Google told that the company is always experimenting with new ways to enhance the Search experience for users and make Google Search more helpful, modern, as well as delightful for people. However, if users searched for some specific types of ideas, Google Search displayed some adult-oriented pictures. So, the company has currently disabled this feature.

It seems that the trial of this feature did not go according to the plan, and Google had to pause the tests with few hours. When it was pointed that queries for specific topics led to header pictures of an adult nature, the company’s engineers acted swiftly to cut these tests short. Danny Sullivan of Google tweeted that the company does not intend for any header images to be triggering for suggestive topics. He added that the company is currently pausing the test to investigate. It appears that you might see header pictures reinstated in the future. However, for now, the trial is over.

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