Facebook Will Permanently Disable Its Old Blue Interface In September

Facebook is replacing its classic blue user interface with a major update on its desktop version for all users. The company has now confirmed that Facebook will permanently disable its old blue interface in September of this year. Earlier this year, the company rolled out a new version of Facebook.com for all users across the globe. Currently, users have the option to choose between Facebook’s classic UI and its modern interface. However, in September, the old interface will not be available and users will have to use the modern UI.

Users will get a pop-up notification for the latest update once they open Facebook.com on their PC or laptop. The latest update offers larger text and cleaner look to provide users a better experience of the social media website, yet not everyone is in its favor. The update also gets faster loading times and the dark mode theme. The dark mode is designed to prevent strain in the eyes of users. The cleaner look and bigger text will enable you to find things easier.

It is important to note that the dark mode theme is already available on the mobile version of Facebook. Desktop users can enable this mode from options available next to the notification icon. If someone does not like Facebook’s new design, they can switch back to the old blue interface, however, the company has announced that Facebook will make the new user interface a default experience for users in September. Users can also submit feedback while switching to Facebook’s classic interface.

In the pop-up notification, Facebook states that the company has made improvements to new Facebook.com, and before the company makes the classic UI unavailable in September of this year, the company hopes that users will submit feedback on how Facebook can continue to make the service better for all users. In May, the company started rolling out the new Facebook.com to all users across the globe.

Here's how users are reacting on social media regarding the update:

Surprisingly, the company has made a major shift from Facebook’s mostly blue-colored user interface. Several users already know that the older interface was blue-themed because CEO Zuckerberg is red-green color blind. With the new update, the company has removed Facebook’s iconic shade of blue from the top navigation bar. If you have not yet been able to use the new Facebook.com, you can manually enable it on your PC via the account button. You just need to click on the option that says ‘Switch to new Facebook.’

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