Google Maps is attempting to become more useful and more realistic

If you are fond of traveling to different regions, you probably had the experience of what appeared as ‘sea’ in Google Maps turned into a ‘puddle’ in reality. Or if you are someone who follows the directions on the Maps religiously, you probably are often left completely bewildered because you are at a dead-end while your Maps keeps suggesting you to continue moving on - then this new update by Google Maps will surely make you very happy!

According to Sujoy Banerjee Product Manager, Google Maps is going to get better with the help of advancements in its color-mapping algorithmic technique. It will show the earth’s terrain in a much better way than before, and more realistically too. All nature’s assets like seas, lush forests, deserts, etc. will appear closer to reality in the Maps. Even snow caps on the mountaintops will be visible. This will surely add a lot of color and fun element to the Maps while exploring!

With the help of satellite imagery, Maps is going to become more vibrant and natural along with being more comprehensive. The directions are likely to become flawless and easy to navigate through for travelers all around the world.

Not only the earth’s terrain, but Maps will also be showing new and better views and directions for roads and streets. The precisely detailed information for different roads and streets will make traveling on any normal day extremely smooth and efficient for people. Sidewalks, pedestrian islands and bridges, crosswalks, and many other details will be provided with better shapes and scales of roads for the users, and this is all exciting.

All these new features will roll out in London, New York, and San Francisco in the upcoming months. It is not known when other cities will get these features.

In the recent past, Maps added several new features directions to help bike-share riders, and they proved to be pretty helpful for some people. However, these newly announced features will be beneficial for almost everyone who uses Google Maps. 'Maps' is also testing the ability to display traffic signals for people on the roads. This will help a lot as it will let the users know about all the upcoming signal stops and will also help them moderating their speed limit if a red-light is up ahead.

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