You can now retrace your previously searched jobs, recipes, and shopping items with the help of Google's updated activity cards

Google has recently updated its activity cards which show you the links to pages and articles that you have previously visited or searched for.

Now, the current update is focusing on three main areas: Jobs, Recipes, and Shopping. New features have also been added as prompts to find jobs, recipes, or buying something online.

Activity cards appear right under the ‘Your related activity’ tag at the top of the search results web page. Google launched this feature in 2019, and it helps to refine the search results more, based on user’s activities and searches. It also suggests new searches for users based on their interests which are picked from their earlier searches.

But now, the latest update is specifically focusing on three areas that have been mentioned above. If you searched for a product to buy online a few days back, your shopping activity card will show you related products and give you relevant suggestions. This will make your shopping smoother and you can compare the prices and qualities easily too. You will also see products mentioned in the pages/articles that you saw earlier if they are related to your current research. Also, Search will show you relevant product reviews to help you make the right decision.

On the other hand, Job searches will become far easier too. You will see new and relevant jobs based on the type that you were looking for previously. Even the jobs that you searched before will be displayed so that you can easily skim through them all again if you want while having the new opportunities also at your hand.

If you had searched for a recipe and loved it, but forgot to save it, do not worry anymore. Your updated activity card will show your past relevant searches for a recipe. If you search for a specific dish, Google will show you all the related recipes that you looked at sometime back and will also display a thumbnail preview for you to pick the right one that you have been looking for.

With these updated activity cards, you can also avoid seeing something that you had already seen. So, it is a win-win situation in either case, whether you want to get back to a search result from past or you want to avoid it now.

This feature works when you are logged in to your Google account and often search for topics like cooking, skincare, fitness, online shopping, etc.

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