First Facebook, but now many gaming app developers are also panicking because of Apple’s new tracking policy for iOS 14

Apple has taken the developers and social media apps by surprise and has left them completely off-guard and stricken because of its new tracking control policy for the upcoming iOS 14.

This new version of iOS is bringing in a variety of features that will give the users more control over their data and they can choose to disable tracking between apps and websites.

When Facebook got to learn about this new policy, it got worried because most of it’s ad business will get affected because of these changes. Facebook’s major revenue is generated from advertisements, and not only their business will get affected, but these features in iOS 14 will make it hard for other app developers to grow their business too because they will not be able to effectively use ads on Facebook or in any other app or site.

Now, why is there so much chaos because of these changes? The answer to that question is that developers use trackers to identify users in different apps and websites. This gives them a way to target these users with advertisements based on the content that users access from their devices. iOS 14 will let the users disable tracking by developers between apps. Even if the users leave the tracking enabled, still third-party apps will have to seek permission to access and collect users’ personal data. So, basically, it will be consensual and fairly transparent for the users as well as the developers.

While this notion is certainly noble, Facebook’s stance cannot be completely overruled too. Facebook says that its advertising platform is crucial for many small businesses. Anyone from anywhere can promote their services and products through the easily accessible, and widely popular Facebook platform. With these tracking limitations, not only Facebook, but these small businesses will also suffer.

A new report by The Information
has recently stated that now, many mobile gaming companies are meeting with Facebook representatives to discuss this new change in privacy settings. Gaming companies are major advertisers and partners for Facebook, and they are all very concerned with Apple’s decision to tighten the tracking and privacy settings. These gaming apps will most likely end up taking the advertising category where they will directly ask people to download an app or game instead of focused and targeted ‘app-install advertisements.’

It is commendable to note that Apple is so deeply concerned about the users’ data and privacy. But it is also noteworthy that Apple’s revenue will also be greatly affected because of these changes. A report from Sensor Tower says that over 68% of all revenue from the Apple App Store was generated through gaming apps in 2019.

But despite the loss that it will also face, Apple is adamant to give the users’ the right to choose whether they want to welcome targeted advertisements or not, and if they are okay with their data being tracked by the apps or not?

These new privacy controls can be accessed in the iOS 14 beta version.

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