Analysis Of Search Data Shows YouTube Is The Most Blocked Site In The World Despite Its Immense Popularity

So, you enjoy YouTube every day and as you think it won’t be going anywhere you start to take it for granted at some point in time. Well, what if we tell you that the situation is not the same for everyone out there in the world? Yes, there are places where YouTube is not accessible and on aggregate that makes the video-sharing platform as the most popular blocked site in the world.

This fact has been further proven by Researchers at NordVPN who recently did their assessment on websites that people were more willing to unblock. The team took help from Google’s search analysis tools and the results showed that YouTube came out on top in the list with 82% people searching out for ways to unblock and enjoy the content available on the platform on daily and monthly basis.

Although YouTube gets regularly banned in countries that have strict censorship rules but in the United States alone too there was a massive number of searches associated to unblocking the site. Diving deep into the reason for this, the researchers found out that YouTube is frequently blocked in schools belonging to different states.

The second most popular site for unblock searches (much like another surprise) was Facebook (6.2 percent) followed by Google (5.7 percent), Instagram (1.8 percent), and Reddit (1.5 percent). In the results, one more thing was evident that the countries having the most number of searches related to unblocking the particular online services, there was also a greater chance of restrictive environment in those places as well.

One example can be considered of residents of China who from mid-June to mid-July of this year have been trying to figure out ways to unblock Google (40.4 percent), YouTube (31.6 percent), Facebook (8.8 percent), Instagram (8.8 percent), and Twitter (7.9 percent), altogether. This was a reflection of how bad the constraints are for people living in the country.

With all being stated above, the end result or last hope (in worst-case scenarios) is a VPN service. Internet users can only hope that the internet becomes a free world one day or else with the booming blocking culture we may even end up in a world without the internet.

Looking To Unblock YouTube and Facebook? You’re Not Alone.

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