Here's How Much Apple And Google Are Charging Developers On Their App Stores

Digital distribution platforms for smartphones as well as desktop applications are called app stores and they offer users a plethora of tools and games to browse through, buy, or install for free. This concept is proving increasingly successful and more than 204 billion applications were downloaded across the globe in 2019. Applications are usually written for a specific OS, and since Android and iOS are the two leading operating systems for smartphones, it is no surprise that Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store are the world’s largest app distribution platforms.

According to a recent post published by Statista, both Google and Apple have the same commission structure in place in their respective application stores. Statista provided a chart displaying the revenue split between Apple, Google and app developers on App Store and Play Store. According to the stats, both tech giants charge a 30% commission fee on paid applications as well as in-app purchases.

For subscriptions made within an application, Google and Apple take a 30% cut during the first year of an in-app subscription while a 15% commission is charged in successive years. On the other hand, developers do not need to pay any commission on in-app advertising as well as purchases of physical goods through an application.

Google and Apple have faced criticism during the last few years for charging this 30% commission. Spotify also filed an official complaint with EU regulators over Apple’s unfair treatment. It is worth noting that Spotify is a direct competitor to the Apple Music app.

On Monday, Epic Games tweeted that Apple has removed Fortnite from its App Store and the company has threatened to terminate all of Epic Games’ developer accounts and revoke Epic’s access to iOS as well as Mac development tools. However, Apple said in a statement that the company very much want to keep Epic as part of the Apple Developer Program and Epic’s application on the App Store.

Recently, Epic Games rolled out a new Fortnite update that was designed to get around app store policies that demand app developers use app store’s payment systems for in-app purchases. Both Apple and Google require developers to pay a 30% commission fee on every in-app purchase.

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