Facebook introduces New login options for Oculus VR users

This week, the Facebook has posted some new updates about how people will be logging into their Oculus devices. Oculus is owned by Facebook, but it allowed separate log in options before. However, this is going to change now.

From October 2020, new users will have to log in with a Facebook account.

If you are an existing user who already has an Oculus account, you will still have to create a Facebook account and then merge it with your Oculus account. However, if you are an existing Oculus account holder and you do not wish to merge it with a Facebook account, then you will be allowed to do so, but for only two more years.

From January 2023 onwards, you will not be able to experience the full functionality of your Oculus VR until and unless you have a Facebook account merged with your Oculus account. Your Oculus account will still function even if you choose not to merge, but since Facebook will not be supporting it, your experience will fall short.

In any case, it will be mandatory for you to have a Facebook account if you want to take advantage of the complete VR experience. Also, many games and apps will stop working for you if you do not have a Facebook account after January 2023. Even all future unreleased Oculus devices will need you to have your Facebook account despite you already have an Oculus account.

Facebook believes that by giving the people a single route to log into Oculus through their Facebook account will make it easier for them, and hassle-free to search, connect, and play with their friends in the virtual reality.

People who have already started using their Oculus devices with their Facebook account have started experiencing the amazing offers on social VR. Soon, they will have more fun with the upcoming Facebook-powered multiplayer games and apps, like Horizon. Users can create their world of fantasies and can have chats, virtual parties, and events with their friends through these features. People can also live stream and share their VR experiences on Facebook, and soon their VR avatar will be enabled for them to use across Facebook and all other Facebook controlled apps.

A VR profile backed by a Facebook account will add more safety and integrity for your protection in the community. Facebook will keep adding more privacy and safety tools for the users, and they will be added to the VR too.

Photo: AMY OSBORNE via Getty Images

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