You Can Now Control TikTok App With Amazon Alexa

Tiktok is coming up again with the new advanced feature on its application. Tiktok has filed an agreement with Amazon to access the Alexa voice feature for its app.

The development of this feature has been announced last month. Yet, generally have started to launch recently. Alexa Voice offers full voice control for almost all the commands that are used to run the application. Tiktok aims to ease the life of the users by providing them an easy and pliable strategy to record and compose their Tiktok videos.

Notably, Alexa's voice is not a built-in application, so it needs a proper method of installation to use this application for further accessing the Tiktok through voice. People can activate this feature as a default on their Android phones. However, it still can't access all the commands of iPhones or iOS supported devices.

According to Tiktok, by activating Alexa voiceover service, users can conveniently open the application on their phones, record, compose, and can edit their content through voice. For instance, the users can ask Alexa to open Tiktok or start or stop the video recording. It alleviates the burden of setting a timer, touching by and by or hire a person for help. This feature makes the application handy enough to control.

Tiktok has also provided vital info about the functionality of this application. They claim that it can be used to open Tiktok if commanded through Alexa phones or app, and one can also search for the animated songs or sounds by saying only a few words rather than typing for long.

It is to note that this feature is not built-in or native to any mobile phones and needs an installation before availing of the services.

Moreover, if you are reading this report but doesn’t have any concern with TikTok then the subsequent news is for you. Alexa Voice can now also be activated to command other applications like Twitter, Sonic, and YP tracking applications, to name some.

This Amazon collaborated launched Alexa Skill not only aims to proffer you with the accessibility to other advanced features of TikTok but is also focusing on improving the quality and creativity of your animation while gaining more user engagement on the platform.

Tiktok Spokesperson explained that they are trying their best to bring new features, fixes the bugs, come up with something advance for their users. Yet, how convenient and interesting this application depends on the user's likings, but at least it can ease the life of the users to some extent.

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