TikTok launches a dedicated website and Twitter account to combat the accusations it has been facing

In an attempt to fight back the accusations that have been hurling towards TikTok from all directions, the company has taken a step to kill all the allegations through a lawsuit and with the help of a new information hub and Twitter account.

TikTok is a famous short-form video app and it is owned by the Chinese company, ByteDance. A while back, the US government filed a class-action lawsuit against the company claiming that TikTok is intrusively collecting users’ data and personal information. They also accused TikTok of giving this data of American users to the Chinese government, and that TikTok is a major risk to the American national security. TikTok is also blamed to censor politically sensitive content on the orders of the Chinese government.

The situation got so bad that President Trump called for a ban on the app, but later, he gave ByteDance an ultimatum to sell off its US operations/shares to any investor before September 15th. Otherwise, ByteDance’s US businesses will be banned. Now, recently, Trump has extended this deadline to November 12th, but the threat is still there.

TikTok had to fight back in some way. So, first, it tried to issue refuting statements on its official blog. But now, it has come up with a new website and a Twitter account to handle these situations and to reply to all the accusations through a digital platform. Also, they want to set the record straight and clear the misconception that TikTok is proliferating within the US capital and their media. Rather, they have claimed that the data linked with the TikTok users in the US is stored in Virginia, and its back-up is in Singapore. They have incorporated a system with strict controls on employee access and they are confident that the data is secure and cannot be misused by anyone.

TikTok’s team has also refuted that they have provided any US user data to the Chinese government. They find it offensive to be falsely accused by the US government.

On the new site, TikTok’s security roadmap has been given along with different solutions for the issues of transparency, competition, election, and political interference, and misinformation have been offered.

The first tweet by TikTok on its @TikTok_Comms Twitter account addresses the issue of a safe, secure, and transparent digital environment for the global community.

Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

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