Snapchat conducts a new study to understand the shift and evolution in the consumers’ video consumption behaviors

Snapchat has recently published a new report that gives interesting insights into the way consumers’ video consumption behavior is evolving. This study also gives good information for the kind of content that people are mostly getting more inclined towards. So, for businesses that are looking to reach out to younger audiences especially, this study provides a lot of recommendations too.

This report is based on the research study conducted by The National Research Group and involves over 1000 respondents from ages 13-35 in the US. Snap also provided localized versions of this study for KSA and the UK.

The first thing that this report highlight is the fact that usage of smartphones has increased dramatically since last year, and the media consumption with daily engagement has grown to 40% in 2020 alone. People from Gen Z and the Millennials are found to have increased watch time on their smartphones, and 73% of consumers are watching mobile videos in comparison to the previous year.

In 2019, 65% of Gen Z and Millennials were into watching videos on their smartphones.

Another important thing to note is that mobile videos outpace desktop viewership. People are generally spending approx. 50 minutes with digital video on OTT, connected devices, or gaming consoles. They spend 47 minutes watching videos on mobiles, and hardly 24 minutes watching videos on a desktop or a laptop even.

This shows a remarkable consumption behavior shift in recent times.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, 85% of consumers watched more video content on their smartphones, while 82% are watching more streaming/ on-demand shows. And 61% are watching live TV.

In 2010, smartphones were considered quite ubiquitous, but in the early 2010s, apps that allowed user-generated videos and content started gaining popularity, and suddenly people were hooked to them. Now, in 2020, there is a remarkable rise in the Premium mobile video watch time.

These kinds of behavioral changes are especially important for effective content and marketing strategy planning.

If we look at the video content forms, it has been noted that 82% of Gen Z and the Millennials are watching user-generated short-form video content every day.

52% of these consumers watch long-form TV shows every day, and 49% of them watch short-form premium videos every day, which are videos of 10 minutes or less.

This shows that while all forms of video content are being consumed, the highest percentage is of the short-form user-generated content, something close to the Stories format that most apps these days provide.

According to this report, the points to consider for new business opportunities include the things that can help people connect with these businesses. The key factors of engaging mobile video content are that they should be:
  • Personal
  • Shareworthy
  • Relatable
Snapchat has shared some insights into the most popular mobile video genres amongst Gen Z and the Millennials.

63% of them watch Music videos, 50% watch Entertainment videos/ Pop culture news, 63% of them are into Gaming and eSports, 49% of them are into Beauty, 44% of them are into Food, Cooking and How to do tutorials, 41% watch Vloggers and Influencers, and National/Local news, 33% are into sitcoms, and 32% of the consumers are watching Animal content and Reality TV.

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