Microsoft Now Allows Users To Run Android Applications On Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft has been improving its Your Phone application, gradually adding more capabilities so users can chat, answer calls, and browse images on their smartphone from the comfort of their PC. Microsoft is increasing the seamless connection between smartphones and PCs and has added the ability to run Android applications on Windows 10 PCs through Microsoft’s Your Phone application.

Users can now access a list of Android applications in the Your Phone app and launch those smartphone applications accordingly. These mobile applications will run in a separate window outside Microsoft’s Your Phone application mirrored from the smartphone of a user.

The new Android application support also enables Windows 10 PC users to multitask with other Windows 10 applications with the alt+tab support. Furthermore, users can even pin these Android applications to the taskbar or Start menu of the Windows 10 PC.

The ability to open applications directly from the Your Phone application indicates that users will no longer need to search around on a mirrored experience of their smartphone. They can simply pin their favorite applications to the taskbar or Start menu of Windows 10 and run those pinned Android applications as if these apps are regular Windows applications.

The new feature is something that a lot of Android smartphone users would excitedly embrace. It comes about due to the company’s partnership with the South Korean smartphone manufacturing company- Samsung. This new capability will be useful for a lot of users since they will be able to run smartphone applications within Windows 10 without having to install an emulator or complicated software.

Microsoft explained in a post on the Windows blog that the Your Phone application and Link to Windows integration on select Samsung smartphones allow users to stay in flow by letting them answer calls, text, check notifications, and browse images, all from a Windows 10 computer. Currently, users can access and run smartphone applications on their Windows 10 computer via Microsoft’s Your Phone application on Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

It is not surprising to see that this integration debut on Samsung Galaxy Note 20 as the integration is the result of the partnership between Microsoft and Samsung. However, it is impossible to tell at this stage whether this capability will remain exclusive to select Samsung smartphones or not. Microsoft also revealed that the company is working with Samsung to bring this PC/smartphone integration to other devices as well.

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