Facebook is bringing a YouTube-inspired licensed music video experience to its social network in the US

Facebook has recently added licensed music videos, a new feature that is almost similar to the music video experience that YouTube provides. Official music videos will be published on Facebook in the hopes of providing a new and better social experience for the viewers.

Facebook’s ‘music experience’ is already available in India and Thailand, and now it is going to debut in the US also.

Music Business development Vice President Tamara Hrivnak and entertainment vice president Vijae Raji have termed this new venture of Facebook as a ‘music experience’ of its own kind in an online post. The reason why they think that it is going to be something unique is that Facebook and its developmental and experimental teams believe that this venture will bring together official music videos, with promised premier content from ace artists like J. Balvin, Karol G, Sebastian Yatra, and many more.

Facebook believes that with this venture of official music videos on its platform, the users will be able to experience something more than just watching a video. There will be amazing social experiences with the help of their musical partners that will bring new ways to enjoy the music, share it and while doing so, connect with other people who share similar musical interests and passion.

Sony Music Group, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and BMG are amongst the US partners who will be collaborating with Facebook from now on.

Not much else is known about this ‘music experience’ so far, but from the initial talks and looks, it seems to be almost similar or pretty much inspired by Google-owned video sharing service YouTube. And that is quite a turn off for many users. Facebook is already known for its notorious attempts to copy the patterns of other famous apps, some of which fail miserably!

Although YouTube has a completely different and extremely variable video library, with more than 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook is currently talking about only musical videos and not any other types of videos like the ones that YouTube provides. So, in this way, it seems that Facebook is not being a copy-cat and maybe this music venture is as interesting and unique as their teams claim it to be. Maybe the new social experience they are talking about is really going to be different from YouTube.

One understandable thing is the need for Facebook to come up with such an app or feature. People all over the globe started turning towards video-streaming and sharing apps, and other tech apps for entertainment, information, and communication amidst the coronavirus pandemic. So, when the ‘demand’ increases, the sources of ‘supply’ have to increase too.

How different is this venture? This can only be known once it becomes officially available worldwide for the masses.

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