Snapchat’s First-Ever Diversity Report Shows That More Than 70% of Director-level Jobs Are Held By White Individuals, Only 10.9% of Workers Are Black And Hispanic

While the CEOs of four tech giants including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple testified before US House Judiciary antitrust on Wednesday and defended their business practices, Snapchat published its diversity report for the first time in its history. The company released this report within the CitizenSnap report, and it details Snap’s diversity and environmental efforts over the last year. Snapchat, which was launched back in the year 2011, has declined to publish this data publicly during the last nine years. However, the company has been under intense pressure from workers for this decision. Now, it has announced that it would publish a diversity report each year.

While Snapchat’s diversity report shows that clear disparities remain, the company has made some progress in diversifying Snapchat’s workforce. According to the report, 4.1% of workers are black individuals while 6.8% of the workforce comprises of Hispanic people. The company reported that the number of Black workers increased by 0.6% during 2019, while the number of Hispanic people increased by 0.5%.

2.6% of director-level jobs or above are held by Black people, and Latinx people also held 2.6% of director-level jobs or above. 32.9% of Snap workers are women, with 16% of women working in the company’s tech teams, and 7% work in Snap teams’ leadership. The report also claims that the number of women in the company’s global workforce increased by 0.9% in 2019.

Overall, 70.4% of the company’s leadership is white, while 16.5%, 2.6%, 2.6%, 0.9%, and 7% are Asian, Black, Latino, Native Hawaiian, and multiracial, respectively. Snapchat wrote in the report that the company is determined to do what it takes to improve these numbers since there are real humans behind these numbers. Snapchat plans to double the number of female workers in Snap’s global workforce by the year 2023. It also outlined goals to double the number of underrepresented United States racial and ethnic minorities in the company’s ranks by the year 2025.

The report comes a month after Business Insider reported Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, had defended Snap’s decision to not provide the diversity report in an all-hands meeting. Snapchat CEO told workers during the meeting that releasing diversity report would reinforce the idea that minorities are underrepresented in the industry. Snapchat also launched an internal investigation earlier this month into employee allegations of racism. It is worth noting that major tech companies started releasing diversity reports in 2014.

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