3.96 Billion People around the World Now Use Social Media Platforms, According to This New Report

4.7 billion people across the globe have now access to the internet which accounts for 59% of the world’s total population of 7.776 billion. The latest report suggests that 3.96 billion people in the world now use social media. WeAreSocial and HootSuite published their latest Digital 2020 July Global Overview, and the report suggests that more than half of the world’s population now use social media platforms.

Despite several social media companies restrict the use of their platforms to people who are aged 13 years and above, 65% of the world’s total ‘eligible’ population now use social networks, the report claims.

Tom Keiser, CEO at Hootsuite, stated that the data confirms that the world has seen a huge shift in social and digital behavior since the coronavirus lockdowns began across the globe. The use of social media and messaging apps have been skyrocketed during the pandemic, and even digital advertising has been forced to become more adaptive as well as agile during these tough times.

CEO Hootsuite also stated that organizations from business to nonprofit organizations to government agencies to healthcare organizations are facing challenges on how to manage these rapid shifts in the social and digital behavior of people. Keiser explained that organizations need a holistic approach to manage their digital and social communication to stay connected during the pandemic while also listening to the changing social conversation to help make sure they are purposefully engaging with people.

The increase in the number of social media users represents a 10% growth over the past year. The data also revealed that on average, more than one million individuals use social media for the first time every day since July 2019. More than 376 million new users have joined social media since this time last year. This means that nearly 12 new users joined social media every second.

According to the report, Instagram and LinkedIn have been among the most successful social media platforms. Both the platforms have seen notable growth recently, and brands can now reach 1.08 billion individuals using ads on Facebook-owned Instagram. Instagram has been adding 111 million new users to its advertising reach during the last three months. The number indicates that Instagram added over 1 million new users each day to its advertising reach in the last 3 months.

In comparison, LinkedIn has now reached nearly 700 million registered users. The global user base of LinkedIn grew by over 25 million during the last three months, which represents nearly 4% quarter-on-quarter growth.

Here are some important charts from the study to give your more insights on the state of the digital world in 2020.

More than half of humans on globe now use social media

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