Snapchat Rolls Out Minis, 4 Mini Apps Have Been Added On the Social Media App

Recently, Snapchat introduced Minisa new way for app developers to build utility experiences within the Snapchat app that integrate with chats. And now, the company is rolling out its first 4 Snap Minis. The Los Angeles-headquartered social media app aims to emulate aspects of the famous Chinese ‘super-app’ model.

Snap Minis are lightweight, simplifies versions of applications that live within the Chat section of the Snapchat app. They have been designed to enable quicker coordination between friends, and you can access them via the chat section or search. Built with HTML, four Snap Minis have been rolled out including Let’s Do It, Prediction Master, Flashcards, and Headspace. With these mini-apps, users can perform a range of tasks without having to leave the Snapchat app.

The Headspace Mini allows users to take short meditation activities as well as send encouraging messages to their friends on Snapchat. The Prediction Master Mini allows friends to test each other’s knowledge about what may happen in the future, while the Let’s Do It Mini enables groups of Snapchat friends to make decisions. Lastly, Flashcards enable you to create flashcard decks.

Mini apps are HTML5 for app developers, meaning they are easy-to-build for developers for Android as well as iOS. Moreover, Mini apps have the potential of reaching the audience of more than 229 million daily users of the Snapchat app because they are plugged directly into the existing Snapchat audience across the globe.

The four Mini apps mentioned-above were rolled out globally on Monday. However, three Snap Minis unveiled by Coachella that would allow Snapchatters to plan festival trips, Atom’s movie ticketing, and Saturn, are yet to go live.

This is not the first time an application is implementing mini in-app experiences. Although the concept is relatively new in the United States, and the United Kingdom, the mini-applications model is quite well-known in Asian markets. WeChat, a popular Chinese messaging application has several mini-apps that offer various functionalities to users. In the Indian market, smartphone payment services such as Paytm and PhonePe have released several such applications that enable users to book flights as well as movie tickets, and order food and cabs.

Previously, Snapchat stated that its relationship with Tencent has been influential in the company’s decision to replicate the super-app model. The strategy will help Snapchat to boost user engagement, and developers will be able to cater to a whole set of a new audience.

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