Twitter is working on some new features including a blinding Splash screen and customizable app icon for iOS users

Recently, it has been reported by 9to5Mac that Twitter is working on some new features for iOS users. Twitter has been sending out surveys for the members of the Twitter Insiders Program with a choice of four different app icon designs that iOS users may use on their app’s Home Screen.

Twitter is trying to get feedback on the new designs for its logo to see which ones are more preferable by the users.

This is the same principle on which many third-party iOS and iPadOS developers work. They create different icons and logo designs for different apps and give the choice to the users to pick whichever design they want. This gives more customization options to the users and better control over their Home Screen features.

Apollo keeps updating its library of icon designs for the popular apps. Twitter is also aiming towards such a goal, it seems, but if Twitter will provide these customizable options for its users, it will be official, and the members may find them more desirable too.

Apart from this, as per 9to5Mac’s report, Twitter is also working on a new splash screen.

A splash screen is a graphical control mechanism that comprises a window containing an app’s logo, the current version of its software, or an image. This splash screen often appears when an app, a game, or a website is launching. It is usually the introduction page on a website or for a program.

The public reaction on seeing the four app icon designs and on hearing about the splash screen does not appear so enthusiastic at the moment. Many people are finding these things superficial and useless and are demanding for more information density options and incremental space to fit in more tweets on the screen. Some people even think that a blinding splash screen may not be a great idea for marketing purposes and that Twitter should instead show an empty user interface instead of a flashy, eye-catching splash screen.

While some people may have their reservations about these changes, one thing to remember is that these are only being tested at the moment. These features may not even pass through these tests and they may not make it to the official app anyway. As with many changes before as well, Twitter may decide to not implement any of these features in the end.

Right now, Twitter is giving importance to the public feedback regarding these changes, and that is a good move. Let us wait and see if and when these changes will roll out officially, and how the public will react once the actual thing comes in front of them?

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