Snapchat Is Beta Testing Brand Profiles with 30 Advertisers, Plans To Expand the Feature to All Brands by the End of This Year

For the first time, Snapchat will allow brands to have their own profiles on the platform. The company has announced a beta test and states that the brand profiles will be permanent homes for companies on Snapchat that pools their assets like e-commerce stores and Lenses. On Wednesday, the company has launched brand profiles as a closed beta for thirty marketers.

Although the new feature is being introduced as a beta start for select brands, the company has confirmed that its aims to allow all businesses to access brand profiles by the end of this year.

These pages function as an extension of the public profiles which were launched in 2019. Public profiles have enabled United States media networks like ESPN and NBC News to build a following on the Snapchat app. Now, it seems that the platform wants marketers to be able to build their ‘real estate’ as the audience tends to be harder to reach on a brands’ own site or application.

Snapchat has made its name a disappearing-message application and is now creating permanent places for the content of brands to live to encourage advertisers to invest more.

Brands can save as well as showcase any branded AR Lenses they have created or commissioned on their Snapchat’s profile. With Highlights, brands can showcase collections of their best public Snaps, photos, Stories, and videos. They will also be able to showcase their own public story, giving viewers another perspective via the Snapchat application. Lastly, brand profiles will also feature an optional Store experience, which will allow users to browse and buy products directly within the application.

L’Oreal Paris, Universal, Target, and Dior are among the thirty brands that are launching their brand profiles today. Snapchat will allow brands to manage their profile and insights in the application as well as on the web via Snapchat’s Business Manager. Business Manager allows brands to view information such as audience demographics and interest for those users who see their Snapchat Stories.

Brand profiles are a significant addition to the platform, which has long promoted itself as the place where you connect with your friends. Although the company has also showcased publisher content via the Discover section, and brand promotions through ads, the addition of particular brand profiles is another huge step towards providing extra ways for brands to showcase how they are utilizing various tools of the app. If a user subscribes to a brand, they will be able to find the brand’s Stories and Lenses in the subscription section of the Snapchat app.

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