New iOS Update Reveals Instagram Secretly Accesses Your Camera

Apple has recently started updating iOS, and these updates are giving users more control over their privacy. A recent update that allowed users to get notified whenever their clipboard was accessed revealed that some apps consistently use this feature without getting permission.

A new update has revealed a lot more about the manner in which a lot of apps use permissions and the like, and Instagram in particular has come under fire because of the fact that notifications that reveal when apps access your camera have revealed that Instagram often secretly accesses your camera without you knowing about it.

This is a pretty serious privacy violation, and the truly concerning thing is that most people just don’t know how this type of secrete access was being used nor does anyone know why this was happening in the first place. Instagram has claimed that this was happening because of a bug, and the good news is that the social media platform is now fixing the bug so this sort of thing shouldn’t happen anymore.

With all of that having been said, it is important to note that a lot of people are refusing to believe Instagram’s claim that this was a simple bug. Instagram and its parent company Facebook have been accused of all kinds of privacy violations, and the fact that a bug like this could ever have existed does seem to indicate sheer incompetence on their part and would really make it difficult for the average consumer to trust these platforms.

Updates like this help bring visibility to privacy violations. Apple has always been fighting for privacy rights for the people that use their phones, and while the company has a somewhat sordid past of privacy violations these updates as well as recent changes in how they do business indicate that Apple is striving for a more privacy oriented future.

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