New Feature in iOS 14 Reveals Sinister TikTok Snooping

A lot of people are often wary when they think of the various apps they are using on a regular basis, and they are cognizant of the fact that a lot of apps try to take data from users without their consent as well as snoop on users daily activities which is something that seriously infringes on users privacy yet is simply not the sort of thing that anyone seems to be holding any of the major tech firms out there accountable for.

A new feature in the latest version of Apple’s smartphone operating system iOS has revealed that TikTok might just be monitoring what you are typing out even if you are doing the typing on a different app. This new feature gives you a notification every time an app pastes something or copies something to the clipboard. The creator of popular Twitter bot Emojipedia Jeremy Burge recently revealed a video that showed iOS sending a notification that TikTok had pasted something from an app that he was using after every few keystrokes.

It is possible that this is simple some kind of a glitch, but with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that only TikTok seemed to be copying what users were typing out on different apps. The reasons behind this are unclear but at the end of the day this does indicate that TikTok might be monitoring your keystrokes in order to gather more data on you. This is the sort of thing that would most likely turn a lot of users against the rapidly growing social media platform, and it might hamper TikTok’s current efforts to fully penetrate the North American market which it is doing by setting up offices and attempting to compete directly with the likes of Facebook.

In a statement to media outlets TikTok explained that this behavior was triggered by a safety feature created to pinpoint spammy users. The company further informed that to avoid any confusion they have removed the anti-spam feature, while they've already submitted an updated version of TikTok to the Apple's App Store.

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