Twitter Tests Much Needed Feature to DM Requests

Getting unsolicited messages is something that people just have to deal with on pretty much any social media platform. If you don’t like getting messages that you didn’t ask for then you could always turn your messaging option off for people that don’t follow you as well as for those that you are not following back, some people like to keep the option open because of the nature of their job or the reason behind why they might be using social networks in the first place.

According to app researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is testing a feature to DM requests that a lot of people have been asking for. This feature would allow you to block future messages from a person without blocking their whole account, giving you a bit more control over who you interact with and how you interact with them since not everyone would want some kind of a blanket solution that would work in all types of situations all in all.

You would also be able to report DM requests now. This is being done so that the various problematic and spam messages that people often end up getting have started to become particularly troublesome, especially given how divisive Twitter has ended up becoming in recent times. This will also help generate important data about accounts whose tweets might not be all that inappropriate but at the same time they are messaging people and harassing/irritating them.

Reporting problematic DMs is something that everyone is interested in, particularly when it comes to DM requests and the like. This is particularly important at a time like this where there is widespread misinformation that is often spread through DM requests and the like. Reporting DM requests that have misinformation in them can help Twitter locate accounts that are not following the misinformation policy and are trying to spread false facts about the coronavirus pandemic.

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