Besides TikTok, 53 Other Major iOS Apps Are Also Spying On Clipboard Data

As TikTok may soon clear the clipboard readings on iOS that have already been criticized for keeping an eye on a lot of data, trouble is still not over in the iOS 14 as there also 53 other apps that might be prying on clipboard data.

The revelation has been made by the security researcher Tommy Mysk as while giving an interview to Ars Technica he told that additional 53 apps were identified back in March which were found to be capturing clipboard data once they are opened by the user. Furthermore, this glitch also made the apps have the potential to share sensitive data of one iPhone to the nearby iOS devices.

When telling about the names of the apps, surprisingly there were major media houses that any user would normally trust including the news apps like Fox News, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. More popular games also made it to the list e.g Bejeweled, Fruit Ninja, and PUBG Mobile. And using social media apps like Weibo and Zoosk are no longer safe as well.

Some utility and media apps too had their eyes on the clipboard readings including AccuWeather, DAZN, and Overstock.

Fortunately enough, some developers have agreed to made the changes along with TikTok. 10% Happier and Hotel Tonight are no longer going to observe clipboard readings.

However, at the same time, there are also apps that take advantage of the clipboard really smartly. One of such apps is Pixelmator that pulls data from clipboards only if there is an image. If there are some changes to iOS 14’s clipboard data monitoring soon then the credit would definitely go to Mysk and his colleague Hal Bakry.

There are chances that more apps might be exhibiting similar behavior and no clarifications are also available on whether these apps operate in the similar way in Android phones or not. TikTok did say that the anti-spam feature doesn’t exist in the Android world but they haven’t made any revelations about having access to the clipboard on Google’s OS for any reason.

It doesn’t matter what device you have, we would recommend you to not copy sensitive data unless it is very important and if you do then don’t forget to clear the clipboard to remove the valuable information.

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