Facebook Decided To Take Down Its Lasso App, As It Resembled Instagram’s Reel Feature And Known As TikTok’s Clone This Month

Facebook had decided to take down its Lasso app. This Lasso App is identical to that of Instagram’s reel feature. This Lasso app and Instagram reel feature were said to be cloned of TikTok. TikTok is a China-based app that enables its users to create a short video with background music, adding transitions, effects, filters, texting, and creating fascinating slow-motion videos. Josh Constine stated that Facebook had decided to pull the app back because it resembles Instagram feature Reel.

Lasso App was accessible to a few parts of the world only. Lasso was launched in November 2018. Now in 2020, Lasso users received a notification that clarifies that they won’t be able to use the app from 10th July 2020. The notification further suggested they should download or save any video on their phones if they want to keep it with them.

Not only Lasso but Facebook has also decided to shutdown Hobbi app. This app is Pinterest inspired app. Like Pinterest, people shared images to give a visual experience related to project, goods, and services. Hobbi was launched back in February 2020, but now they are discontinuing the usage of the app.

The Hobbi app is shutting down because according to reports, people didn’t accept the app. The company was mocked and people made fun of it. The app was criticized for being unoriginal. TechCrunch reported that users have received a notification that the app will be suspended. However, unlike other apps, this app won’t be missed. Sensor tower reported the app was only downloaded 7,000 times in U.S. So the main reason for taking down this app is the criticism that it received from the users.

Facebook is a widely used app and it is connecting users for a very long time. It has always worked to give a better experience to its users. However, due to unfortunate reasons, Facebook had to take down it’s the by-product. Lasso app is being eliminated because it resembles Instagram Reel feature. On the other hand, Lasso is being eliminated because it didn’t receive a positive response. Let's see if the app will come up with something new and better. Till then, fingers are crossed.

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