Facebook Rolls Out A Game Changing Feature For Businesses To Re-Engage Their Old Buyers, Available In Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook comes up with an exciting feature for marketers to re-engage their potential audiences. As the pandemic has forced everything to shift on digital means, keeping this thing in view, Facebook added a gaming-changing option, first spotted by Matt Navarra and Michael Vittori, that will help the businesses to re-engage interested consumers.

Go to Facebook Ad Manager and click on the Custom Audience option. You’ll find a new option "Shopping", tap on it, it will come up with 3 new options:

People who viewed products – this will show the audience who has viewed your products or gone through your products.

People who added any products to their basket – If a user adds something to his cart while scrolling the page, it will be visible in this section.

People who purchased any product – Any client that has brought your product will be shown here.

According to an infographic from Wishpond, this new feature can increase 70% more engagement to the shopping pages, as re-targeted ads are more effective as compare to other conversion strategies. This is because it is easier to grab an old client especially if they had a good experience, rather than a new one.

This new addition will help digital marketers grab new consumers too. Know how? You as a marketer can use previous reviews as a base. This will attract more customers to your product pages. The new customers will see the page engagement and prefer buying from the well-performed pages.

Digital advertising is currently ruling the marketing world. Social media marketing also called SMM carriers a huge chunk of digital marketing. Facebook plays a very important role in Social Media Marketing. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are like a “must-have” these days. People usually tend to search on Facebook and Instagram when they are looking for something. A well-engaged page will help in grabbing the customers. This new feature has been rolled out to all businesses.

Facebook is always working over something new and to give a better experience to its users. Let's see how people would react to this.

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