Facebook caught leaking inactive users’ information with developers

Facebook once again was involved in a controversy regarding the sharing of users' data. Facebook stated that thousands of developers have had access to data from inactive users, which is erratic behavior on part of the company, especially when they have had incidents regarding user privacy in the past.

Following the Cambridge Analytica crisis in 2018, Facebook set new guidelines in place that obstructed developers from gathering data from users that had been inactive for 90 days.

As users are able to connect third-party applications to their Facebook accounts, developers can gain access to information to sensitive information from apps that had been linked to users' accounts. Facebook did not reveal how much time had passed since this security breach nor did they disclose how many users were affected by it. Facebook said that around five thousand developers were affected in the past several months. The company also did not exactly specify what type of data had been viewed and shared among developers.

Facebook claims that the issue was fixed as soon as it was discovered and, reassured users, that no more data was shared other than that which users had authorized in the privacy settings when the account was still active. The company also stated that the cause of the issue was still being investigated and that they will continue to prioritize transparency in any ad all upcoming updates.

This incident has just worked to worsen Facebook's already bad PR. Users thought that since the incident in 2018 Facebook would be wary of letting any more issues regarding user information and data occur, that is what should be expected of a social media network worth five hundred billion US dollars. Apparently, the scandals and conspiracies suffered by Facebook were not as change inducing as the public thought. Facebook weathered a wide array of scandals ranging from issues regarding data privacy, Russian meddling, and the propagation of fake news. Zuckerberg and the team at Facebook had to issue multiple apologies to the public but the scandals did not cease. The only question that remained at the end was if Facebook is committed to changing and adapting but in light of recent events, that does not seem to be the case.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is already under fire due to an ad boycott involving several hundred companies due to the recent civil rights protests. This month-long boycott is set to begin on Wednesday, the third of July. this boycott means a lot of revenue will be lost. Hopefully, Facebook will update its policies and safeguard user data more vigorously.

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