47 Percent of Americans want the Government to keep the Social Media Firms in Check, Pew Report Suggests!

As per a recent report published on Fact Tank (Pew Research’s blog), more than seven in every 10 (or 72 percent to be exact) Americans believe that social media organizations enjoy too much power in political matters of the country. This is exactly why nearly half of the US population is demanding for the leading tech companies to be scrutinized.

The said survey commenced on June 16 and ended on June 22. Perhaps the most interesting finding of this study was that a considerable percentage of both Democrats and Republicans share the belief that social media has way too much influence.

While the percentage of Republicans likely to express this is a whopping 82%, Democrats are more likely to keep their views to themselves as only 63% of them claimed that tech companies are handed more-than-sufficient power in the country’s political affairs.

Nearly half, or 47%, of the US population, agrees that the government should intervene and regulate leading tech companies. If we date these results back to an almost-same Pew study from two years ago, it can be seen that the results are quite the same barring the change in people’s ideology and the parties people support.

Nearly 46% of Democrats and 48% of Republicans are now in favor of the government taking charge and monitoring the social media giants to a deeper level. While the Republicans’ stance on this issue has almost remained the same in the last two years, around 11% of the Democrats have turned against the idea of enhanced regulation in the same period.

You are encouraged to study the full report here.

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