YouTube is planning to allow creators to customize the look and feel of their channels and brings in Creator Mixes for the viewers

YouTube Studio will soon start allowing creators to play with the look and feel of their channel by customizing the layout and some other features.

This news has come as a surprise for many YouTubers because this is the first time that YouTube will be giving any such liberty to the creators. It is like giving the creators control over their channels, and that was not YouTube’s style before. The creators could work with the channel headers and video thumbnails before only, so this is going to be a great experience for them when YouTube rolls out this update in the future.

As per the Creator Insider, the idea behind this new step is to make the YouTube Studio a creator’s destination for all things the channel is editing. So, the ability to customize their channel’s look and feel directly within YouTube Studio is going to allow them to make their channel’s layout, branding, and all basic information stand out with the creator’s unique creative style.

The company further explains that it is launching this feature for the mobile app first. The reason that they have given for this approach is that this feature is meant to give a great experience to the creators, but the users mostly watch YouTube videos on their mobile devices. So, to make the customizations stand out more prominently in front of the maximum number of users, they are launching it for mobiles first.

YouTube is redesigning the ‘featured channels’ option which lets the users see a collection of selected channels on their home page. By making it completely mobile-friendly, YouTube will be converting the ‘featured channels’ option into a ‘channel section.’ This will make it visible on the mobile device as well as on the desktop.

YouTube has not given any idea when this update will roll out and become available for the creators.

Apart from this update, YouTube has just launched a feature called ‘Creator Mixes.’

When a user watches a video, in the ‘Up next’ suggestions by YouTube these Creator Mixes will be featured. This will basically give the viewers a way to look in the top-recommended content from a new channel.

A mix is an algorithmically generated playlist of any channels’ content. So, these Creator Mixes will help the viewers catch up with new updates from the channels that they already like. They may have subscribed to those channels too, but they might have missed a few past videos that these Mixes will help them catch on now.

These Creator Mixes are personalized for individual users, and that is the reason they can perform better than playlists made by other users or channel creators. Also, Playlists are static, so they do not serve the personalized experience to the user like these Creator Mixes will do. Since YouTube’s algorithm already knows what a user has watched and what they have not watched, through the Creator Mixes, it will prioritize to show the latest content, maybe based on the content the user already likes.

At the moment, these Creator Mixes are displayed in the ‘Up next’ suggestions when a video is being watched. However, YouTube plans to make them display in other places like channel pages and search results.

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