YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video: These are the most downloaded streaming apps globally

Recently, the Sensor Tower Store intelligence platform lists the top streaming application downloads for May 2020.

As per this estimate, YouTube was found to be the most downloaded streaming app around the globe for May 2020.

It has seen over 29.3 million installs, which shows its growth by 28.3% within one year.

16% of its total downloads are estimated to be in the US, while 11.2% of the total downloads were in India.

The second most downloaded streaming app in the world for May was found to be Netflix. It has more than 23.3 million installs, which show that it has grown by 52.1% since last year.

Netflix also saw immense popularity in the US, which accounts for 17.2% of total downloads, and secondly in Brazil which accounts for 10.4% of total downloads all over the globe.

Amazon Prime Video is ranked at the third spot in Overall Downloads, Apple Store Downloads, and Google Play Downloads.

The lockdowns and social distancing measures that were implemented to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 is fairly accountable for such a drastic surge in the downloads of these streaming apps. People who were staying inside the bounds of their home started relying heavily on various tech apps, and to kill their time after work and study, streaming apps came to their rescue.

With these apps, people were able to watch and enjoy shows and movies with their families. Many people use YouTube to learn various online earning ways during these times of economic crunch in the entire world due to this pandemic.

So, the popularity and over-usage of these streaming apps are completely understandable, and this reflects in the surge in their downloads estimate too.

YouTube Kids ranks in the fourth position in the Overall Downloads and Google Play Downloads, while Tencent Video is on the fourth position in Apple Store Downloads.

Twitch app is ranking fifth in the Overall Downloads, Google Play Downloads, and Apple Store Downloads.

Disney+ is ranking sixth for Overall Downloads and Apple Store Downloads, while BOOYAH! the app is standing sixth in the Google Play Downloads.

Pluto TV, ZEE5, Hulu, Bilibili, Mango TV, and Viu are some of the other streaming apps that have made to the top 10 most downloaded apps in May 2020 around the world.

All these estimates from Sensor Tower exclude Apple apps and Google pre-installed apps and only comprise of estimates for unique installs only. Android estimates do not include any third-party stores, and figures are based on aggregate installs of all app versions, such as Facebook and Facebook Lite.

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