You Can Now Upload A Graphics Package During A Web Broadcast By Using Facebook Live Producer

Facebook Live is a useful tool that allows users to share real-time stories and connect with other users. The company officially launched the live video on the platform for all users back in the year 2016. Since then, users have made more than 8.5 billion broadcasts. Facebook has been introducing new tools to improve Facebook Live. The company introduced the Live Producer tool back in March of this year. The tool makes it easier for users to go live and engage with the Facebook community.

There are several features available within the Live Producer tool to improve the live publishing experience of users. Now, Facebook is rolling out the capability in the Live Producer tool which will allow users to upload a ‘Graphics package’ for use during a web broadcast.

On June 23, Matt Navarra, a famous social media industry commentator, shared screenshots on Twitter about the new feature. A new Graphics tab has been added to the Live Producer tool. Publishers can select a graphics package to upload during a broadcast. You can also use a graphics overlay URL, and the Graphics Preview option displays how your graphics look like in real-time.

On June 24th, Matt Navarra tweeted that Facebook has rolled out the Graphics feature for the Live Producer tool. With the new changes, broadcasters will be able to upload graphics packages for on-screen graphics in a broadcast. The on-screen comment allows publishers to queue up viewer comments to display on-screen, and broadcasters can also feature a link on-screen in a broadcast.

Screenshots: Mari Smith.

The graphics feature allows publishers to include overlays to their broadcast to interact with the audiences in unique ways. With this feature, publishers will be able to highlight as well as include viewer comments directly on top of a live stream. Publishers can also send polls to their viewers using the Graphics feature. Then, you can also show the results of a poll in real-time.

Previously, the Graphics feature in the Live Producer tool was under beta testing phase in March of this year, and a small group of publishers was using this feature. Now, it seems that the company is rolling out this feature for public use. It will be interesting to see how publishers use the new Graphics feature in Facebook’s Live Producer tool.

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