Facebook Updates The Group Color Palette Options To Vision Impaired Users

Facebook has been adding new color customization options to improve the user experience of the app. The social media giant is introducing more color palette options for Facebook Groups. With the new update, the company aims to help color-blind and vision-impaired users.

One example of this new feature was shared by Matt Navarra, a well-known social media expert, on Twitter. Navarra shared a screenshot displaying how the new feature looks like. In the screenshot, it can be clearly seen that Facebook has added new color customization options that provide more contrast. The color options will help vision-impaired user to conveniently see the content posted in a Facebook Group.

The company has added fifteen color options in total. You can choose from these colors or you can also allow the Facebook app to create a custom color for your Group. Facebook generates the custom color based on the dominant color in the cover photo of your Facebook Group. The new update will offer a sense of personal place and it will be very beneficial for those users who have varying sight capacity.

The company launched the option to include personalized colors to Facebook Groups back in the year 2018. The company aimed to offer an extra sense of personal identity as well as a place when the feature was launched in 2018.

Facebook held its Communities Summit in Europe back in the year 2018, and the company announced several new initiatives to enhance the group engagement. At that time, the company enabled the admins of Facebook Groups to include personalized color. The personalized color is displayed throughout the group, which provides an extra sense of personal place and identity.

Now, as the company has updated its color palette options for Facebook Groups, the new shades will more extra customization options for Facebook users. It is not yet clear when the new changes will be rolled to Facebook Group admins, but it is expected that the company will soon roll out the new changes to admins. According to Matt Navarra, Facebook will start to roll out the new change next week. The company has not yet officially announced when Facebook will release the new feature.

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