Brands And Creators Will Now Be Able To Run Ads On Instagram Without Having To Connect To A Facebook Ad Account

The social media giant, Facebook, has taken a lot of steps to completely integrate Instagram into the Facebook ecosystem in terms of advertising tools as well as branding. However, the company introduced a new feature that seems to go directly against Facebook’s plan to integrate Instagram into the Facebook ecosystem.

Facebook-owned Instagram updated that the company is adding the ability for brands and creators to create Instagram Ads without linking to a Facebook Ad account. The image and video sharing platform stated that the new feature is made available for content creators and brands in the United States and Turkey. The feature is also limited to those creators and brands who are promoting their content on the platform for the first time. Those creators and brands who are already using Instagram Ads to promote their posts have already linked their accounts on both the platforms- Facebook and Instagram.

However, Instagram explained that the new feature is not related to ‘calls to boycott advertising on Facebook’ over Facebook’s role in the spread of misleading information and hate speech posts across its platform. Instagram also added that the company has been testing this new feature for many months.

If any brand or content creator wants to continue using the Facebook Ads Manager for managing their campaigns across Facebook’s family of apps, it will still be essential for them to link their Facebook ad accounts. Facebook’s Instagram shared the details of the new feature in a ‘help center post.’ The platform provided details on how brands and content creators will be able to promote content on Instagram’s platform for the first time in the United States and Turkey.

They will be able to create Instagram ads, manage promotions, as well as see insights with the Instagram application. If you want to promote a particular post, you will have to go to your Instagram profile, and then tap on the ‘Promote’ option. The Promote option is available below the post’s image.

After tapping on the Promote button, you will see details of the promotion including destination, target audience, your daily budget, and duration of the ad. The destination is the link where you want to send those users who tap on the ad. Once an advertiser has entered all the required information, they will have to tap on the ‘Next’ button. Then, click on the ‘Create Promotion’ button. At this point, Instagram will review your ad to make sure that it does not violate any of the platform’s advertising policies.

This process usually takes about an hour to complete, and once the promotion has been reviewed and approved by the platform, the promotion will go live.

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