Google Has Added New Features In Google Maps’ Business Messages, That Are Now Available In Search

On Thursday, Google announced that the company is expanding access to its Business Messages from Google Search and Google Maps. Now, all kinds of businesses will be able to directly connect to their consumers via Maps and Search. The company added a new way in Map to help consumers to directly contact stores back in the year 2018. The tool is known as Business Messages and is available on both Android and iOS versions of the Google Maps app. Now, the company has expanded Business Messages in Google Maps and has added extra functionality.

Previously, the Business Messaging tool was available in limited regions and for limited business types. Now, all types of businesses can add business messaging through their My Business listing. Additionally, the company has also introduced smart replies and customizable welcomes messages to enhance the messaging experience for users. Product carousels have also been introduced into the messaging experience.

Businesses will be able to integrate their consumer service platforms with Maps’ Business Messages. With the new updates, consumers can now message a business directly via Google Search which will make it easier for you to connect to any business. However, this feature is currently limited to Android, iOS users will still have to message from Google Maps.

Google said that currently, twice as many brands are messaging through Google as compared to the previous year. It has been reported that Walmart is already using the new experience. Walmart allows people to quickly find updated information related to hours, pick-up and delivery options, and more. Woolworths is the largest supermarket in Australia and is using the updated experience. The supermarket enables consumers to search for various products and they can also see the availability of a product. The supermarket also provides information about store hours and COVID-19 updates.

MyGov in India has partnered with to provide information about more than 11,000 shelters across the country. Moreover, brands such as Dish are also using the new feature. Dish has partnered with 247AI, and the brand has experienced over 22% reduction in average handling time using Google Business Messages as compared to other similar channels.

The company is also working to bring the Business Messages tool to smartphone websites, and it is improving how Business Messages are surfaced in Google Search. Currently, the feature is available only in the English language, however, the company is planning to add support for other languages as well.

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