Scammers to Emoji Lovers: 6 of the most Common Types of Users on WhatsApp!

It’s hard to imagine a life in which WhatsApp doesn’t take up a major chunk of our day. From getting in touch with friends and family to receiving exclusive updates, the Facebook-owned messaging service has been helping us out on more than one front since its inception. With WhatsApp being a highly used App, it is the home to several different types of users.

That being said, here are six of the most common types of users on WhatsApp.

#1 The Forwarding Enthusiasts

While the intent of such users is to keep their contacts up to date with ongoing developments across the world, they play a huge part in spreading misinformation. These people only have one goal i.e. forward messages rapidly without fact-checking them.

#2 The Spamming Crew

While they don’t play a part in spreading misinformation, they aren’t much different from the forwarders either. Such users make sure that we don’t go by long hours without receiving a message notification from WhatsApp. From Good Morning and Good Night messages to wishing us on every special day, spammers can’t afford to catch a break!

#3 The Voice Specialists

It’s easier to read a message than listen to a voice note. However, it’s considerably easy to record a voice note rather than typing a whole message. This is exactly what motivates the “Voice Specialists” to say as much as they want to without typing a single word.

#4 The Emoji Gurus

This one is a rising trend for sure. A REALLY GOOD portion of WhatsApp users can’t complete a message or sometimes, a sentence, without making sure that their message is loaded with sufficient emojis. Using emojis help people better express how they are feeling as well as adds color to a conversation.

#5 The Story Lovers

Stories, or as they are referred to on WhatsApp i.e. Statuses, help people update their contacts about the happenings in their lives. However, numerous “Story Lovers” take pride in adding updates regarding EVERY SINGLE thing that happens during the course of their day.

#6 WULUA: WhatsApp Users who Love Using Acronyms

This type is REALLY short on time and it reflects in their messages. They save time by using acronyms instead of full words. From LOL and JK to GM and GN, they have an acronym for EVERY WORD!

So, which of the above type(s) of WhatsApp user are you? Moreover, do you have all these types of users in your contact list? We are eager to find out!

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Featured illustration: Freepik / Pch-vector
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