Google Maps Can Now Display Various Types Of New Business Hours For Drive Through, Delivery, And More

Google is introducing a new feature to its My Business Portal. The new feature will be useful for both- consumers and business owners. New types of business hours are being added that can be displayed on Google Maps. These business hours can also be displayed on other products for different various different aspects of a business.

Previously, business owners were only able to fill out their regular business hours while they were filling out their business hours on Google Maps, Google’s web mapping service. However, there were some exceptions available for business owners while filling out business hours such as holidays. But, now the company is making this feature more flexible for users.

Now, Google has added a new ‘More Hours’ section into the ‘My Business’ portal. The More Hours section will provide users the ability to include additional types of business hours. These additional business hours may be applicable to their respective business. The types of these extra business hours can vary wildly from one business to another. However SearchEngineLand spotted a few examples such as takeout, happy hour, pickup, drive-through, delivery, senior hours, and many more.

Google explained on a support page that if you are a business owner, you can use these extra business hours independently of normal business hours. You should also note that the new feature will only be made available for select types of businesses like restaurants, etc. You can also set the business hours on a per-day basis if you want to.

More business hours option will not appear until a user has already set regular hours. Users can also select the business hours for particular services their business offers like a pickup, drive-through, takeout, and delivery, etc. You may also note that users can only set Certain More business hours for particular types of businesses.

Moreover, the More business hours option will only appear for selected days of the week and surface to consumers Google Search as well as Google Maps. It is evident that the new feature was inspired at least in part by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses around the world. However, the feature will also be useful once the situation is under control. It will be very useful for users when they will be able to display business hours directly from a Google Maps listing for specific services or promotions.

Screenshots: Searchengineland.

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