WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will enable users to Search their Messages by Date

As per a recent report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing various new features and adding new tools in Storage Usage. Some new default filters to sort out messages are also being developed.

Another update that WhatsApp is currently testing is the ability that will let the users Search for Messages by Date.

This amazing update is in its alpha testing phase, so its final release will most likely take some time. But it is reported that once it comes live, it will roll out for Android and iOS both simultaneously.

This feature will especially be beneficial for people who frequently use WhatsApp for work purposes. It will allow users to search messages by the date they are sent in the entire chat history or specific chat windows. This will be helpful to trace important work-related messages and files sent through WhatsApp from one person to the other. This feature will also allow tracing work histories, message backlogs with the help of certain dates. This is going to be a good way to target workplace and enterprise communication.

Users will also be able to chronicle previous important files and messages, and this is an imperative part of workplace communication. But there is a little downside with this too. Most workplace messaging has to occur with the administrators and the IT team overseeing the communication. So, the usage of WhatsApp with this new feature may still remain limited.

WhatsApp already allows the users to search messages in the entire chat history as well as in specific windows by using keywords. But the problem that arises in this method is that it produces all the messages from all chats that contain that keyword, and search still requires the user to skim through all those highlighted messages to finally find what they have been looking for.

Another way to search for particular messages and files is to manually scroll through the entire chat, and that is not only tedious, but it is very time-consuming too.

Searching by particular dates will most likely make the search more efficient, faster, and less time-consuming. This is going to add a lot of appeal to the app because time is a factor that matters to everyone, especially in busy and draining times. Already people in the entire world are going through a major pandemic and the difficult times add more to their anxiety while draining them emotionally. So, it is quite nice to know that WhatsApp is trying to introduce new features that will provide great value in lesser time and are not mentally exhausting.

This feature is in its earliest developmental phases, and it is not known when it will eventually roll out for the users of iOS and Android.

Another update that might come in the future versions of WhatsApp is that a single account will probably be made to run on multiple devices. If this also happens in reality, both these features will improve the charm and appeal of the app and make it stand out amongst all the other apps.

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