The Latest iOS Update Reveals That An Audio Feature Is Being Added To The Apple News+

It has been reported that Apple is adding an audio feature to its News+ platform. 9to5Mac first spotted that iOS v13.5.1 which was publicly released recently is accompanied by the first beta iOS v13.5.5. According to 9to5Mac, ‘Apple News+ Audio’ is hidden within the latest update.

The new audio feature will offer audio versions of stories to those users who have subscribed to Apple News+. It seems that a new ‘Audio’ tab will be added to the existing Apple News application. The new Audio tab will provide News users with access to recorded versions of news stories through an interface that will be similar to that of Apple News.

According to the insights provided by 9to5Mac, subscribers will see the recorded versions of news stories in media player. The media player in which the recorded stories will appear will takes a similar form as the media player in Podcast. The media player will enable skipping, rewind, as well as playback speed adjustment. With the new feature, users will be able to rewind fifteen seconds and skip to the next recorded news story.

Users will also be able to adjust the playback speed according to their needs. Only those users who have subscribed to Apple News+ will be able to access the complete recorded version of news stories. However, the Audio tab will be visible to all Apple News users. If you have not subscribed to Apple News+, you will still be able to listen to previews of recorded versions of news stories available.

We are also still not clear how much content will be made available by the company in recorded form. However, 9to5Mac reported that those who have subscribed to Apple News+ will be able to access and listen to recorded news stories in their entirety. The beta code also suggests that the company will also add support integration with Siri into the new audio feature. We are not yet sure when the new audio feature will be released for public use. However, it is expected that the company will roll out the audio versions of news stories with iOS v13.5.5 update as the feature is developed and waiting to go.

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