Just Like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger Users May Have To Start Unlocking The App Soon With Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode

Have you ever used Messenger for more personal chats or let’s say to even receive important work-related messages? Well, while that isn’t the most preferred option for a lot of people, still Facebook is trying to do its best to make your trust it’s messaging app because according to more recent developments, as reported by Engadget, the company is currently testing out a feature that can protect your messages from the evil eye to the maximum.

Much to one’s surprise, if the testing phase goes well then users will soon have to confirm their identity all with the help of Face ID, Touch ID or even passcode in order to view their Facebook inbox in Messenger. This feature would probably operate in the same way as it works on Whatsapp.

The feature is basically dependent on your phone’s security settings and so how you unlock your phone would actually be also how you will unlock the Messenger app. In case if your phone is already unlocked, you would still have to perform the identity test to use the Messenger app.

Moreover, users will also have the liberty to set up a designated time period for when they are supposed to re-authenticate after leaving the app idle.

Facebook is testing the new security feature with a small group of Messanger’s iOS users but if the program turns out to be successful, the company will soon launch it for all the users on the Android platform as well.

Facebook’s new plans include giving more choices and control to people on how they can protect their important messages and the feature will serve to be the extra much-needed layer of privacy.

Such security settings aren’t new to the messaging-apps world as we have already seen a similar inclusion in the encrypted messaging app called Signal.

Prior to this feature, Facebook launched its own encrypted messaging feature with the name of Secret Conversations. Zuckerberg and his team are also in plans of putting up and end-to-end encryption as the default setting of the Messenger app. However, the implementation of it might just be years away but that still is the end goal.

Source: Engadget.

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