Microsoft Will Shut Down Mixer On July 22, and The Company Will Move Users To Facebook Gaming

On Monday, Microsoft announced that it is killing the company’s Mixer streaming service next month. The company said that it will partner with Facebook, and Microsoft will also push users to Facebook gaming. The mixer streaming service will be shut down on July 22 of this year. Starting from Monday, Microsoft’s Mixer partners as well as streamers will be transitioned to the Facebook Gaming service.

Microsoft’s sudden move comes after the company has dumped substantial efforts into its Mixer streaming service, acquiring streaming rights to some of the most significant streamers such as Shroud and Ninja. However, the company was not able to reach the scale required for Mixer to compete with Alphabet-owned YouTube Gaming service and Amazon-owned Twitch, and even the Facebook Gaming service. From July 22 of this year, all Mixer applications and websites will automatically redirect users to the Facebook Gaming service.

Microsoft rolled out the Mixer service back in the year 2017 after the company acquired a gaming startup called Beam interactive back in the year 2016. The company has announced that after the Mixer service gets shut down, Microsoft will transition partnerships with Facebook Gaming. It will redirect existing Mixer streamers and viewers to Facebook Gaming while also moving all of Mixer’s content to Facebook Gaming.

The partnership between Facebook and Microsoft is a T-Mobile and Sprint partnership of sorts, as both, the companies were trailing far behind the Alphabet-owned YouTube Gaming and Amazon-owned Twitch duopoly. The company’s partnership with the social media giant, Facebook, goes deeper than only watching streams. It has been reported that Microsoft plans to integrate its xCloud game-streaming service into the Facebook Gaming service which will allow users to conveniently play those titles that appear inside the service.

Microsoft plans that the company will not force major streamers such as Ninja and Shroud to migrate to the Facebook Gaming service, and these streamers will also be able to rejoin Twitch if they want to, reported The Verge. During an interview, Phil Spencer, the gaming chief at Microsoft stated that the company is shutting the service as Mixer was not able to catch up with its competitors.

Spencer said that the Mixer community will benefit from the broader audience of Facebook’s platform. The Mixer community will also be able to reach gamers seamlessly via Facebook’s social platform. According to the data provided by the SensorTower, year-to-date downloads of this application on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store decreased by 23% during this year as compared to the same period of the year 2019.

This app was downloaded 3.4 million times during this year and according to the company, the provided by SensorTower indicates that the application has been downloaded around twenty-one million times in total. Microsoft’s recent announcement came during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 keynote. This suggests that the company was aiming to minimize attention on this high-profile shutdown of the Mixer streaming service.

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