TikTok Plays An Important Part By Signing European Code Of Disinformation

Tiktok, a Chinese based app is the latest social media platform that has signed the European Code of discrimination. Under this pact, they have agreed to stand against fake news that might be influencing people.

This platform usually has users who are teens and are good actors. You’ll often find talented people lip-sync on their favorite song, or performing unique dance steps on the trending music. Many people became famous due to this short video sharing platform.

EDiMA counts Tiktok as a major platform with a colossal number of users. EDiMA believed that Tiktok has a giant family. It weened that if Tiktok join hands in this situation, things ahead can be favorable.

However, the problem isn’t Tiktok. Of course, misinformation doesn’t recieve hype through a single platform. It is about false news circulating through any media means and people believing them. People are obfuscating the truth which is impacting the public and the consequences are getting worst each day, especially in this pandemic.

EDiMA’s Director-General Saida El Ramly claimed the announcement that “Tiktok signing up to the Code of Practice on Disinformation is amazing news as it widens the breadth of online platforms helping up the fight against disinformation online. It shows that the Code of Practice on Disinformation is an effective and useful means to ensure that companies do more to effectively fight disinformation online’’

Director-General Saida El Ramly further said that “shows once again that internet companies take their responsibility seriously and are ready to play their part”.

On another occasion, Theo Bertam, Tiktok’s Government of Relation and Public Policy Team in Europe spoke: “To prevent the spread of false information online, industry co-operation and transparency are vital, and we’re proud and glad to sign up to the Code of Practice on Disinformation to play our part.”

In the past few months EDiMA noticed that due to this Covid-19 pandemic situation, there are false news roaming around, beyond the limit. People are flooded with misinformation and they believe it. Hence, EDiMA instructed the platforms, to be more active than before.

All social media forums are now supposed to submit monthly reports along with every detail about their way of handling false news. Social media communities are further ordered to provide vigorous proof/evidence that the measures they are taking are helping.

Further, the commission added that they are currently dealing with Facebook and WhatsApp responsible person to sign the code of practice. The conversation is in process followed by negotiations. We cannot currently update the two other most used platforms. Outcomes are awaited.

Since the EU came into being, it is not satisfied with the performance of forums. They have often sent warnings regarding their way of tackling false information. EU has been sending repetitive warnings to social websites.

False information is vastly problematic and its upshot can be pitiful. On the other hand, the commission is annoyed by the performance of its team. EU is expecting something better. There are many things to be unrolled.

Hat Tip: Techcrunch.

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