Tiktok Reveals Why Every Tiktok User Gets To See A Different News Feed

Whenever you launch the TikTok app, you might see some popular videos. On the other hand, if another user login into the TikTok account, he will be exposed to some other videos. Why is that so? In this article, you are going to know how TikTok chooses videos for your feed. How the suggestion system works behind recommendation videos that appear in the “For You” section. What are the reasons behind every individual TikTok user will get to see a different feed?

Like all other social media platforms, TikTok uses the information that is input by the TikTok user. The China-based application gathers personal information of every user to see which language, country setting, and decide set up. However, this doesn’t a major role in the recommendation system. This information is used to some extent only.

Apart from this, TikTok keeps an eagle eye on every user’s liked or shared the videos, favorite marked videos, and what kind of content is the user preferring. If a user is not interested in watching particular content, he or she can give a signal to TikTok by long-pressing the video and marking it as “Not Interested”.

TikTok explained in a blog post, that account which has a huge number of followers is tended to have more views and likes on his videos. This is a salient factor, for sure. A video posted by a user having numerous followers will be automatically visible to its many users, resulting in a higher number of views and likes.

TikTok is working to give a better experience to its users. Whenever a user makes its account for the first time, he or she is asked about favorite categories. Categories can be related to food, pet, travel, or any other. This is done because TikTok is not aware of the user’s interest. As soon as the user starts using TikTok frequently, the algorithms might get updated.

The entertainment app also ensures that the user will not get to see the same content twice. Your news feed will always be fresh and assorted by different content creators. This will help the user in exploring further content. The user will have access to a broader compass of content. For jeopardy reasons, the app will not recommend videos which contain sensitive content like medical procedure or consumption of illegal goods.

TikTok also takes care of factors like on what occasions you followed new accounts, hashtags, trending content, sounds, or music. All these activities will eventually affect your News Feed. Other factors that will affect For You section, includes for long a user watches the video. For instance, if one watches the video from beginning to end, this will indicate a stronger interest in the content.

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