A New Report Compares The Global Popularity Of iPhone And Android Smartphones

We all know that iPhone is the most popular and best-selling smartphone cross the globe. However, Omdia has released a new set of data showing the iPhone 11 model has continued to remain the preferred choice of smartphone users across the globe even during the coronavirus pandemic.

The data provided by Omdia highlights smartphone sales across the globe during the first quarter of this year. The data indicates that iPhone 11 was the leading model across the globe with over 19.5 million sold units during Q1 2020. This displays a huge improvement as Apple sold around 13.6 million during the first quarter of the year 2019. iPhone XR was the leading model during the same quarter of last year.

However, the data also delineates how popular iPhone 11 has become among the people as compared to any other Android smartphone available out there in the market. Discussing Android smartphone sales, Samsung’s Galaxy A51 is considered to be the best choice of consumers in the world of Android smartphones. But, Samsung’s Galaxy A51 is far behind iPhone 11 as only 6.8 million units were sold during the first quarter of this year.

Now, we will discuss how Apple is dominating smartphone sales across the world. Apple made the top ten leading smartphones with four distinct iPhone models. Talking about the same thing for the South Korean company, Galaxy’s flagship production, the Galaxy S20+ model with 5G ranks only the 9th in the charts. Only 3.5 million units of Samsung’s Galaxy S20+ with 5G were sold during the quarter.

Overall, the data provided by Omdia displays that Apple evidently dominated the smartphone market the coronavirus pandemic for the entire mobile industry. The four iPhone models ranked in the top 10 smartphones generated worldwide sales of around 32.2 million units. In comparison, the best smartphones generated by Samsung only accounted for nearly 17.6 million units of all smartphone devices sold by the South Korean company during the first quarter of this year.

Overall, this is a piece of good news for Apple as the company is still not only dominating the smartphone market, it was also able to increase its market performance during the first quarter of this year despite the health crisis due to the coronavirus. The company sold 13.6 million units of iPhone XR during the first quarter of the year 2019 and 19.5 million units of iPhone11 during the first quarter of this year, these stats show a massive jump. It also indicates that the new-generation iPhone created by Apple is already more successful and popular as compared to its predecessor.

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