Apple Release iOS Version 13.5.1 By Blocking The Most Advanced Jailbreak Tool

Apple has come out with another iOS version 13.5.1 for all compatible devices. While Apple fans and community are regarding it as a surprising update with some minor additions being made, the reality is that this version includes a very big change that will make a massive difference in times to come.

Tim Cook and his team have gone for blocking the “unc0ver jailbreak tool” that will further make it more impossible for anyone to unlock an iPhone.

For those of you who are not aware about unc0ver, the tool is regarded as the most advanced jailbreak solution for all models of the iPhones that have version 13.5 running on them to date. Unc0ver is also one of the most tested jailbreak tools as many hopped onto trying it after the official launch.

However, now it seems like Apple is not very happy with its own jailbreak solution and that influenced the decision of blocking it with the latest iOS version.

Every iPhone that is already updated to this newer version won’t be able to run unc0ver on their phones and Apple is also planning for blocking the downgrades too till 13.5. So, unlocking an iPhone will remain impossible - at least till the time developers of unc0ver themselves don’t come up with a valid update.

Currently, Apple has patched the vulnerability and for the next update of unc0ver, the team will have to find another bug that can be abused with the purpose of unlocking any iPhone.

Furthermore, Apple has also mentioned in the security release notes of iOS 13.5.1 that a kernel update has been included to solve the memory consumption issues. There is also an application to implement arbitrary code with kernel - which is exactly how unc0ver first managed to jailbreak any iPhone 6s or later models as a start.

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t given any more options to users who still want the jailbreak option on their phones. If you love it so much, then don’t upgrade the phone to the newer iOS version just.

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